News: GameStop CFO: 60% Won’t Buy PS4 or Xbox 720 If They Block Used Games

used_games_ps4The used game debate has been once again re-ignited by GameStop with their Chief Financial Officer Rob Lloyd speaking on the subject of used games with the PS4 and Xbox 720.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Lloyd said:

“Consumers want the ability to play pre-owned games, they want portability in their games; they want to play physical games. And to not have those things would be a substantial reason for them not to purchase a new console.”

He goes on to mention that Sony has previously said that they won’t be implementing features to lock out used games, but was also quick to point out that Microsoft has remained silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying the companies intentions for the Xbox 720, leaving it all in the air for us to speculate.

Lloyd also goes on to say that 60% of their customers would not buy into the next-generation if they PS4 and Xbox 720 didn’t allow the use of pre-owned software. He doesn’t state where this 60% figure has come from, it may just be his own estimation, or it may be one of the companies surveys taken out with active customers.

I’m afraid that if Sony and Microsoft do decide that their next-generation of home consoles should be free of used games, I for one wont be involved. The ability to buy games cheap is the reason a lot of young people bother buying games at all. Not everybody can afford to splash out £50/$60 for a brand new game that may or may not be rubbish, and with more and more let downs making their way to the market, whether they take the form of a sequel that is little more than a minor update, or a new IP that just doesn’t hit the right notes, used games are a great way to be able to cut your losses should the game turn out to be a bit crap.

If however, the price of a new game was to drop to a more reasonable level, say around half the price they are now, more people would be inclined to buy brand new instead of waiting a few weeks for the game to go cheap in stores or online. If only the companies in charge thought this way, I’m sure it’d be better for all involved, especially the end-user, who is at the end of the day paying the wages of the people behind the games, so isn’t it best to keep them happy?

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What’s your opinion on used games? Think they’re a great way to have fun for cheap? Or do you think everybody should buy games at full price? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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