News: GameStop Expo To Allow Gamers Some Hands-On Time With PS4

ps4If you’re itching to get your hands on the PS4 then you’ll want to check out this years GameStop annual expo as they’ll be letting members of the general public get some hands-on time with the upcoming PS4.

The event takes place on August 28th at the Sands Convention Centre in Las Vegas and begins at 11.00am (though VIP’s get early access at 10.00am) and runs all day until 6.00pm. The cost? Not that much, just $35 to get your admission ticket.

If you live in the area it’s definitely worth a look, for just $35 you’ll be able to see the latest games and consoles before they go out onto the market for general sale, plus the chance to play some PS4 before it releases is worth the admission price alone.

There’s no word on whether Microsoft’s Next Xbox will be available to trial at the expo, but then again nothing is really said about the Next Xbox these days, we’re all just waiting until Microsoft’s event on May 21st where we fully expect to see the new console. After that? We’ll probably get every developer under the sun putting out details of their Next Xbox products, something that will be a god-send and we’ll be done with rumours (though not for too long, there’s always one rumours or another flying about.)

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Source: GameStop

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