News: Gran Turismo 6 Demo Tears Up PSN Next Week

Gran-Turismo-6-PS3Exciting news for fans of Polyphonic Digital’s acclaimed Gran Turismo series; Gran Turismo 6 is coming to the PSN next week in the form of a demo.

So, get your driving gloves ready and make sure you’re well rested, because from July 2nd you’ll be able to download the demo for the upcoming Gran Turismo 6. All you need to do is jump onto the PSN and hit the download button, and away you go.

This isn’t just any demo though, no. In addition to getting some hands on time with Gran Turismo 6, you’ll be able to compete with others for the chance to drive a real-life Nissan race car. How? GT Racing Academy! Just play and do the best you can and maybe you’ll be getting to grips with the Silverstone race circuit in real life, as well as in the Gran Turismo 6 demo.

The demo will be available from July 2nd right up until August 31st, so there’s plenty of time to get your racing in and make a decision before plonking down the cash for the full game which is rumoured to be due this Novemeber. However, the GT Racing Academy is only open until July 28th, so keep that in mind if you’re hoping to win the top prize.

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Will July 2nd be a sick-day/late night for you? Think you’ve got what it takes to top the GT Racing Academy? Shoot off down below.

Source: PlayStation Blog