News:(UPDATE) Grand Theft Auto: Pimps of Los Santos Coming To PS Vita


(UPDATE) Yes, as you may have realised this is an April Fools, created from my own twisted mind. Sorry if I got you really excited, but maybe Rockstar will finally take note that PS Vita owners are gagging for a Grand Theft Auto on the PS Vita, not just the old PSP games available from the store.

For those who didn’t realise, Rockstar Conwy doesn’t exist, Conwy is a small town in North Wales. Lois Proaf is an anagram of April Fools and if you read down the side of the story, you’ll see April Fools. Sorry!

You have to admit though, Grand Theft Auto: Pimps of Los Santos definitely has a ring to it…


It’s been a long time coming but finally, Grand Theft Auto is coming to the PS Vita.

Take Two Interactive, the firm that owns Rockstar games recently confirmed that the PS Vita would be servicing the Grand Theft Auto series sooner than you think.

After hearing the cries of fans since the PS Vita launched, Rockstar Conwy has been hard at work to bring portable madness to your hands.

Rockstar Conwy were kind enough to give us some details on the upcoming game:

“It’s the GTA you know and love, except this time you play as a pimp. It’s actually quiet cool, we’ve added lots of new features.”

“For the first time in the series, we’re giving players/pimps the ability to upgrade their ‘ho’s’, give them guns or just hire them a guard, like an assistant pimp.” said Lois Proaf.

Obviously Grand Theft Auto: Pimps of Los Santos will sell like cheap meth at Glastonbury. We’re just loving the idea of playing as a pimp, something we can’t do in real life without drawing up some bad debts.

Sometime later this year, most likely the summer we’ll get fresh details and maybe some gameplay footage of the pimp simulator in action.

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  1. I got excited because all I read was the title and then immediately clicked on it. LOL Well, your ploy (sadly, read after April 1st) is rather plausible. I mean, you were a drug dealer in China Town Wars. Aside from the ‘sell like cheap meth’ remark, I was wholly on board with this. Strangely enough, I am still on board with this and hope Rockstar makes it a reality.

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