News: Guerrilla Games’ PS4 Exclusive To Feature Procedural Textures

Guerrilla Games’ upcoming PS4 exclusive may feature procedural textures and by extension, a procedurally generated world if a recent job posting is anything to go by.

Over on the official Sony careers page a listing for the Cambridge division of Guerrilla Games suggests that the unannounced PS4 exclusive may feature procedurally generated textures – the textures being the surfaces that cover the game world.

The job posting states it would be beneficial but not required if:

You have experience with procedural texturing tools such as dDo or Substance.

– You have high polygon sculpting experience using programs such as Zbrush or Mudbox.

– You display a strong interest in cutting edge game rendering and shading techniques.

– You are technically minded and are familiar with mathematical aspects of shaders.

– You have some experience of material balancing across a project and the use of material reference charts.

– You have development experience on multiple shipped games.

– You have development experience on recent AAA console games.

What’s really interesting is the mention of procedurally generated textures. Procedurally generated game world are becoming a little more common these days so it’s certainly possible that Guerrilla Games’ upcoming title, which is rumoured to be an open-world adventure of sorts, will feature them to some degree.

Not a lot is known about Guerrilla Games’ latest project, though we have had some images from the project leak out, but their authenticity is still unknown. You can check out some of the leaked images here.

Rumours suggest that we’ll get a peek at what the guys behind the Killzone franchise are up to at the upcoming PlayStation Experience this December.

What do you make of it? Are procedurally generated world the way forward, or does it leave too much to chance? Let us know down in the comments section down below.

via PlayStation Jobs

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