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News: Hatred “A Very Honest Game That Can Help Unload Aggression”; New Trailer & More Next Month

If you’ve not hear of Hatred then you must be pretty new to the internet, in which case we welcome you with open arms.

However, the vast majority of people who follow the latest goings on within the industry will know exactly what Hatred is.

Hatred is an upcoming isometric shooter that comes from Polish development outfit Destructive Creations. Hatred earned itself quite a bad reputation and it’s not even out yet, mainly because of the somewhat controversial nature of the game and the trailer that followed its announcement.

Przemysław Szczepaniak of Destructive Creations recently took some time out to speak with the folks over at GameZone where he revealed that the over-the-top shooter would get some new details “probably next month we will provide you something extra too – a new teaser video with some unseen game features.”

So if you’re following Hatred and are looking forward to seeing what else is in store then you’ll most likely get some new details early next year.

Also, when questioned over the games premise and what the developers would say to those who have criticised Hatred he had this to say:

“Whatever I will say, it won’t probably change their mind and words of criticism. We can only encourage everyone to observe the game creation process and maybe even try it when it comes out. Those who attack us will probably realize that it is only a very honest game that can help unload aggression gained in the real life.”

So… According to Destructive Creations, if you’ve had a bad day, maybe you’ve stubbed your toe on the coffee table, accidentally given yourself a prostate exam due to cheap toilet paper or perhaps you’re just a really angry person, you should play Hatred and release some of that pent-up aggression.

Personally I exclaim a few choice expletives and move on with my day, but each to their own…

What do you think? Is Hatred something you’ll be looking into when it releases? Will you be self-medicating your aggressive tendencies with a dose of Hatred? Let us know down in the comments below. You bloody psychopaths.

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