News: Infinity Ward’s Next Call of Duty To Feature New Gameplay Mechanics, Weapons & More

It’s a well-known fact that Infinity Ward are currently developing their next installment in the Call of Duty franchise and though it may still be quite a while from seeing the light of day we’ve managed to scrounge some details on the upcoming shooter.

Sledgehammer’s impressive Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brought about a few new features to the aging franchise, most notably the exo-suits and the abilities they provide players as well as some futuristic weaponry.

A new career opportunity ad reveals that Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty will offer more than their previous release with Ghosts.

Infinity Ward is currently seeking a Gameplay Programmer in the Woodland Hills, CA area. This programmer will work with content teams to push our play-control and weapons to new heights of fun and visual fidelity, creating new systems and leverage existing ones to realize AAA-quality FPS gameplay.


  • 3+ years of experience in games.
  • 1+ shipped titles working as a gameplay or animation programmer.
  • Fluency in 3D vector and matrix math.
  • Strong design sensibilities and outstanding communication skills.
  • Staunch work ethic and high personal standards of quality.


  • Own and extend our weapon systems.
  • Collaborate with designers to design and author new weapons, equipment, abilities, and play mechanics.
  • Collaborate with animators to improve the fidelity of our first-person weapon animation.
  • Contribute creatively to our play-control and game design.
  • Responsibly manage the bandwidth consumed by game-play features.

Experience with the following is desirable:

  • AAA play-control logic, especially on an FPS title.
  • Modern animation techniques and blend trees.
  • Networked game logic.
  • Real-world AI methods.
  • Rigid body kinematics.
  • Extending an established code base.

There’s not much else to go on but by the looks of it Infinity Ward aren’t happy to be resting on their laurels.

What do you think? Would some new play mechanics re-invigorate your interest in the series? Let us know down in the comments section below.


  1. Not. Buying. Day. One. I don’t care who they hire, who they fire, or who they retire. They couldn’t optimize on PC, couldn’t hit 60 fps on ps4 without horrible jitter, and couldn’t do better than 720p on xb1. Smh. Biggest shooter in this era and that’s how the devs there usher the next gen into 2014. Pathetic.

  2. “This programmer will work with content teams to push our play-control and weapons to new heights of fun and visual fidelity”

    How about introducing recoil? Oh wait no, it has to work on consoles. Nevermind then, just rehash the same shit again.

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