News: Iron Man 3 Mobile Game Flying In This April

iron-man-3-the-official-gameThe Iron Man 3 movie releases later this year and as is standard, there’s a tie-in game being made available.

Iron Man’s latest outing into the world of video games comes thanks to Gameloft. Don’t get too excited though. If you were expecting an open-world game to fly around in and smash baddies to pieces, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Instead, Iron Man 3 for mobile devices is more akin to Subway Surfers, Temple Run and Angry Gran rather than Gameloft’s previous super-hero games for iOS and Android, The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Still, it won’t just be simply move from left to right and right to left. There will be enemies to blow up and other obstacles to zap away with Iron Man’s god-hand beams.

Personally, I’m a little disappointed. In fact, I think I speak for all fans of Iron Man and gaming when I say that it’s a darn shame that Iron Man 3 won’t be getting the home console treatment that Batman has enjoyed recently with Batman: Arkham City. Just imagine an open-world Iron Man game that isn’t total crap, no, it hurts too much.

Iron Man 3 releases for iOS and Android devices on April 25th.

There’s a gameplay video of Iron Man 3 in action, check it out below and try not to think too much of what it could have been…

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Source: Youtube