News: Ken Levine Still Trying For BioShock Vita

Bioshock-PS-VitaRemember when BioShock Vita was first announced for the PS Vita? Yeah, it was ages ago, so if you’ve forgotten then you are forgiven, but all is not lost just yet…

It was touted as the game that every PS Vita owner would want to be a part of, but somewhere along the road the project seemed to have been forgotten about, and ever since we’ve not heard much about it.

However, series creator Ken Levine recently replied to a fans question on social networking site Twitter, indicating that he is still very much interested in bringing the BioShock series to the PS Vita.

The tweet in question reads:

“RT @jamwa: @IGLevine What’s going on with the Vita project? –I talked to both Sony and 2k about it yesterday. Trying to make a match.”

So it’s not completely dead, but it’s still not a definite thing. Last we heard about BioShock Vita was that it hadn’t even entered active development, so if Sony and 2K do come to an agreement to bring BioShock to the Vita, it’s still going to be a while before it releases, so try to keep your excitement under wraps. Or just go mental with it, up to you.

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Source: Twitter

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