News: Lego Batman 2 Making It’s Way to Wii U This Spring

lego-batman-2-dc-super-heroesTravellers Tales’ latest entry in the Lego series titled Lego City Undercover is launching this month on the Nintendo Wii U (and 3DS later this year) and is looking to be the first must-play original title for the system. Think GTA styled layout in the Lego universe, only, you, the player play as a police officer.

But, that’s not the only game Travellers Tales has been working on. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes has been announced for Nintendo’s next-generation system and has been scheduled for a “spring release”. The game is indeed the same game which was released on other platforms back last year, but with additional features such as an “enhanced interactive map” (assuming  that’s for the GamePads screen) and off-TV play.

To be honest the announcement isn’t a big shock, at least for me, since the game has been up for pre-order for a while now at many online stores and with the launch of Lego City: Undercover putting out another Lego title is a nice idea for those who may want more Lego action for their Wii U. What is surprising though is the choice of which Lego title Travellers Tales chose to port over to the Wii U, since their latest Lego release was Lego The Lord of the Rings. The common assumption of a ported Lego title may have been just that.

I played Lego Batman 2 when it was released last year and thought it was a good game, I could be happier with the choice of which Lego game to port over to the Wii U, but with the game already available for Wii (and is very cheap now) unless the new features are worthwhile it may be tough to recommend this one.

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Are you excited for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes coming to Wii U? Have you already played the game, what’s your thought on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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