News: Limbo Releasing On iOS Next Week

limbo-ps-vitaGreat news for iOS owners, you’ll soon be able to experience the fantastic game that is Limbo, that’s if you haven’t already gotten to grips with it on the home consoles or PS Vita.

Coming next week to the App Store, Limbo has been optimised to accommodate the lack of physical buttons on iOS devices. According to the developer, Playdead, the game has been optimised and tweaked to “ensure an amazing touch-based experience.”

If you’ve yet to play Limbo, I highly recommend you take the plunge, even if it’s on your iOS device. Personally, I prefer physical buttons, but if you want something to keep you busy and engaged during the commute to work, you can’t really go wrong for less than a fiver.

Limbo for iOS devices will be released on July 3rd, and what’s more is that it’s going to be dirt cheap at just $4.99. No excuses!

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Source: TriplePointPR