News: Lizard Squad Hackers Caught, Feds Nab Members

The hacking group calling themselves ‘Lizard Squad’ seem to have been rumbled at long last.

The reviled group was responsible behind DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks on the PSN a little earlier this month, followed by a bomb scare that caused the flight of SOE ‘s John Smedley to be diverted as a precaution.

Since then there have been a spate of attacks that have been linked to the group, but a recent tweet from one of the groups members suggests that the groups days are numbered.

These are the sort of people who ruin the enjoyment of the many to satisfy the few. The point to their actions? There doesn’t seem to be any reasonable, logical point, at least from the stance of a well-functioning normal human being.

Groups such as this are amongst the most detested people within the gaming community, so there will be a few cheers when they are finally caught and punished.