News: You May No Longer Be Able To Monetize Your Minecraft Videos

Following Microsoft’s announcement today that they are buying Minecraft developer Mojang, one thought that may have come into many a YouTuber’s head is – will I still be able to monetize my Minecraft videos?

The answer is probably no. Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules specifically state just that.

You may post your Item to a page or website that has advertising, but only if you do not earn any money from that advertising.  For example, if you post your video on Youtube or Vimeo and there happens to be an advertisement next to it, then as long as you don’t get paid for that advertisement, the fact that there is an advertisement on the page doesn’t break these Rules. But enrolling in the Youtube partner program (or other similar programs), where you are entering into an agreement to get paid, is not allowed. On a similar note, if you create and distribute a free app, then you can’t earn any money from advertising in that app.

Whether Microsoft will make an exception in the case of Minecraft, we do not know. We have however emailed their PR team and are awaiting a reply. We’ll keep you updated.

Microsoft earlier announced that they were buying Mojang for $2.5 billion, with co-founder and Minecraft creator “Notch” leaving the company once the details have been finalised.

Could this affect you? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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