News: Microsoft Backtracks On Xbox One DRM Policies

xbox-oneThe internet has spoken, and Microsoft seems to have listened. After the uproar from consumers and critics regarding the Xbox One’s DRM (digital rights management) policies, Microsoft has seemingly caved to consumer demand and as a result, removed the Orwellian features.

Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment posted on the Xbox website what the DRM changes are, and what they mean for the eventual end-user.

Players will no longer be required to “check-in” over the internet once every 24 hours, though you will require an internet connection when you first set up the console. Players will also still retain the freedom of choice when it comes to buying, selling and lending their Xbox One game discs, something that many consumers will be breathing a sigh of relief over.

You will also be able to play your digitally downloaded games without needing to be connected to the internet. So in theory, you could sit and download 20 games from the Xbox One’s online store, disconnect from the internet, move to the mountains and live like a hermit with your Xbox One, but still play your games offline.

It does however mean that some features won’t be available. You will always need to have the appropriate game disc in the system to play your game, rather than the previous feature that would have allowed a one time install and you’d never need to see the disc again. Also, sharing your digitally bought games will no longer be available, though all of these features could well be implemented in the future with a system update.

Microsoft buckling to consumer pressure is a prime example of how consumers really do hold the power within an industry. At the end of the day, without us, the people with the money and a longing for a new product, these companies would be buggered, so it’s good to see that for once we have, for want of a less crude term, ‘won’.

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Has this changed your opinion on the Xbox One? Will you be more inclined to cancel your PS4 pre-order and go with the Xbox One? Let us know down in the comments section below.


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