News: Microsoft Clarifies Stance On Minecraft YouTube Monetization

As we all know, Microsoft recently confirmed their $2.5 billion dollar deal to buy out Minecraft developer Mojang, giving them control over Mojang’s best known release – Minecraft.

Since the deal was confirmed speculation was strife that Microsoft would not allow YouTubers to monetize their Minecraft videos. This would have been a huge blow for the Minecraft community as most YouTubers post their videos with the expectation that they’ll be rewarded in monetary form for their creations.

Worry no more. I recently spoke with a Microsoft representative and he clarified the firms postition on monetizing Minecraft videos on Youtube. Take a look at the screenshot down below:


Just in case the text is a little hard to read, Glen, the Microsoft rep who I spoke with stated the following:

“Thanks for waiting. If I’m going to look at this at face value, as long as you’re not advertising videos that violates the advertisement policy of YouTube and the content of the video doesn’t support support piracy or other ways to promote illegal distribution of the game, it’s okay, Chris. There are a lot of let’s play, video reviews and walkthroughs of other games out there.”

So in essence, it’s all gravy. You can get back to creating your Minecraft masterpieces without fear of Microsoft claiming ownership and taking away the monetary gains.

Does this make you have happy joy-joy feelings in your tummy? It should! Do you create Minecraft videos? Why not share your video down below, we may even feature the best ones in our next feature piece!

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  1. So basically MS is going to make a fortune. The more PS4s sold means the more chance of gamers buying Minecraft which will lead to profit for MS. This sales race doesn't seem so bad for them now.

  2. Good. 🙂 They must have realized how horrible it would have been if they did the opposite. Imagine all these huge let's players' fan-bases boycotting Microsoft. Would be horrible PR.

  3. Johnny Dankworth Why would you talk down to someone who is doing what they love and finding a way to earn a living at it?
    You can make a real and honest living making youtube content, of all different varieties, and gaming happens to be the most popular thing on youtube aside from music.
    Just because you are bitter about having to work hard for your paycheck, don't talk down to people who found a better and more fun way to get paid. As a content creator myself, I can say it is hard work in it's own right, and I would much rather be doing this for a living than working some manufacturing job not getting paid what my time is worth…

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