News: Microsoft Employee Spills Some Beans On Next Xbox

xbox-720-logoWe all know it’s coming. It’s inevitable, yet for reasons best know only to Microsoft the firm isn’t willing to give anything away about the Next Xbox, not yet anyway at least.

However, not everyone is so careful. A Microsoft employee has given a little bit of insight into the Next Xbox via his LinkedIn profile. Lead software engineer Eusebius Lai’s CV on LinkedIn reveals that he is working on the Next Xbox and even gives details as to what he is actually working on for the console. His CV states he is “working on cool new features” but when it comes to details he says that he is “unable to share  due to NDA.”

In addition to his work on the Next Xbox, Lai has also had a role in the ongoing development of Xbox Smartglass, something rumoured to be implemented heavily with the Next Xbox, but again, just rumours until Microsoft is ready to be a bit more forthcoming with information.

The most interesting aspect of Lai’s CV however lies in what he’s been doing for the Next Xbox. The employees CV states “design, implement and deploy video processing pipeline for DRM’d videos for indexing into the Xbox video catalog.” If your DRM sense is tingling, it’s with good reason.

Another rumour that has been floating around for a while is that the Next Xbox will come shipped with Kinect 2.0 and that the device will be able to track how many people are in a given room, allowing Microsoft to charge per-person for video content. Couple this with the “Always on, Always Connected” slogan and description from supposed leaked documents that found their way online a couple of weeks ago and you’ve got yourself some thinking to do before you plop down the cash for Microsoft’s next home console.

At this point, we really can’t be sure about anything thanks to Microsoft and their tight-lipped approach, but we’ll no doubt know more by the summer, especially at E3. Though more may come sooner if another recent rumour is to be believed. The rumour suggests that Microsoft will be holding a special event sometime in May and will officially reveal the Next Xbox.

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What do you make of all this? Interested? Bored of rumours? I’m bored with reporting them to be honest…

Source: VideoGamer

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