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News: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Developer Already Hiring For Next Project, Possible Sequel?

Monolith, the team who brought us the outstanding Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor last year are already hunting down fresh talent for their next project.

The Warner Bros. subsidiary studio released the epic open-world adventure to rave reviews from fans and critics alike with a lot of the praise being directed at the strong storytelling and engaging nemesis system.

Given the popularity and success of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, it seems fitting that Warner would like to push out a follow-up and it sees that’s just what they’re doing.

Check out the latest job posting down below and see what you make of it.

Monolith Productions seeks a Lead Mission Designer who will be responsible for working with the development team, with a focus on the design, implementation, and scripting of Missions. You will work with the team to ensure the creation of detailed mission / narrative structure, and compelling paper designs for objectives and encounters that fit within that structure. You will create examples of these designs to set the standards for the rest of the design team, through the use of proprietary and 3rd party tools. The Lead Mission Designer is responsible for collaborating with the rest of the design team, artists, and engineers to ensure their missions are fun, interesting, and performant. The Lead Designer also works with the QA and Playtest groups throughout development to address critical feedback and make sure their levels play and perform as intended.


  • Work with the Design team to concept and implement compelling missions using proprietary Monolith tools and industry standard software.
  • Mentor the design team focusing on mission / quest scripting, providing regular feedback on their work. Assist Production with performance reviews.
  • Work closely with QA and Consumer playtest groups to identify and resolve level design / Gameplay issues.
  • Create and maintain living design documentation that keeps pace with the project’s progress and accurately conveys all necessary information to Design, Art, and Engineering.
  • Own the definition and documentation of work flow, standards and best practices of mission/quest scripting for the Design team.
  • Deconstruct competitive product and summarize to design group.


  • Associate degree or equivalent job experience preferred.
  • 8+ years of game design experience required.
  • Shipped at least 3 console/PC titles as a designer or equivalent, with at least one of those being in the 3rd person action 3rd person action/adventure genre.
  • Familiarity with a variety of level editors and scripting languages required.
  • Open World mission design experience preferred.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of game design principles, the computer gaming industry and its products.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with programmers, artists, and other designers.
  • Experience managing small design team with their day to day tasks preferred.
  • Professional experience working within level design on a large-scale project.
  • Effectively work under the pressure of competing demands and short time lines.
  • Willing to commit to the team in terms of time & effort given.

Note the mentioning of “open-world” experience being prefered as well as the casual mention of quests and what not. All sound a little Middle-Earth-ish doesn’t it?

We can’t be certain that what Monolith are working on is the follow-up, but there’s a good chance we’re going to see a sequel in the next year or two. Or at least we hope so, bring it on!

If you’ve still not played Shadow of Mordor, shame on you. Go and buy it now from Amazon, it’s pretty cheap and it’s even on the last-gen consoles if you’ve not upgraded to the PS4/Xbox One.

Can you wait for another Middle-Earth game? Or are you already running around the neighbourhood, making enemies with a real-life nemesis system? If so, leave a comment down below, but don’t come read for tea. Psycho.

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