News: Mirror’s Edge 2 Listed… On EA’s Own Site

mirror's-edge-2Remember a couple of days ago there was a listing that appeared on Amazon Germany? Well now there’s some fresh fuel to throw on the fire, courtesy of a slip-up by EA.

Rumours of Mirror’s Edge 2 have been circulating for well over 12 months, but it’s only recently that some revealing leaks have actually surfaced. First the listing by Amazon Germany which stated that Mirror’s Edge 2 was coming to the Xbox 360, and now EA’s very own website has dropped them in it.

Over on EA’s Help Center website, Mirror’s Edge 2 was there in lovely bold lettering, which you can have a peek at below.


The page in question has since been removed, most probably as EA is hoping to keep it a secret, maybe to surprise fans and critics alike at this years E3. It’s far from solid confirmation, but it’s the closest we’ve got so far, so hold on to that and hope that if it is real, there’s no bloody micro-transactions…

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Source: NeoGaf

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