News: MMO APB Reloaded Shooting Its Way On To PS4 & Xbox One

APB Reloaded Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

Locked and Reloaded

A new MMO for the PS4 and Xbox One has been announced, this time in the form of free-to-play title APB Reloaded.

APB Reloaded comes from Reloaded Productions who already have the game out on the PC and are now developing a version for the PS4 and Xbox One. The developers behind the madness are trying to get Sony and Microsoft to allow PC players to carry over their characters and all purchased content to the next-gen consoles, something neither console maker is too keen on.

Obviously Sony and Microsoft have their reasons for not wanting PC players to transfer their loot across to the PS4 and Xbox One, they want to be able to sell the add-on content and make some cash out of it, which is fair enough. Still, Reloaded Productions are negotiating with both firms so all hope is not lost.

APB Reloaded should be releasing around Summer 2015, if everything falls into place that is.

It seems an odd choice to bring APB Reloaded to the PS4 and Xbox One, considering it hasn’t had the best reviews from critics and players…

Will you be giving APB Reloaded a shot? Or are you steering clear? Let us know down below.

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