News: Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Left Behind Nominated For 2015 Writers Guild Award

By gaming standards The Last of Us is a pretty old game. Having released back in the summer of 2013 it went on to become the most talked about game of the year whilst sweeping up awards along the way.

Then we got the outstanding DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind – to keep us trapped in the dark and dirty world of immoral humanity and creepy-arse clickers.

Naughty Dog weren’t happy to give us our meal and be done, they then went and dished out a tasty desert by offering up The Last of Us: Remastered for the PS4, a tasty treat all the same.

Once again the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog title is back in the spotlight with a nomination in the 2015 Writers Guild Awards.

Neil Druckmann, the guy who wrote the game is up for an award alongside his work on The Last of Us: Left Behind, but there’s some stiff competition from the likes of Assassin’s Creed: Unity and the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag expansion, Freedom Cry.

Alien: Isolation has also been nominated in this years Writers Guild Awards after successfully bringing people back into the Alien universe with a game worthy of the source material.

The awards will be presented next month on February 14th. Who do you think should win? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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