News: Need for Speed: Most Wanted Races On To Wii This March

need for speed: most wanted game of the yearWii U owners will be happy to see another big title making its way over to Nintendo’s latest home console.

Criterion Games’ Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be releasing on the Wii U on March 19th for North America and March 22nd for UK and European players.

Not just a copy and paste port, the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted will feature a few added extras that make use of the Wii U’s unique GamePad.

One of the features is a co-op mode found only on the Wii U version, Co-Driver, where one player controls the steering of the car with a Wii Remote and the second player can use the GamePad to provide navigation and assistance to the first player.

“Using just their fingertips, a partner can distract pursuing cops, switch from night to day or activate enhanced performance for any car and even control the amount of traffic on the road,” explained the developer. “This is the ultimate advantage for gamers who like to stir up trouble for the cops, their friends or just for fun.”

It sounds good to me, you can’t complain with new games, especially if the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted stands up to, or even improves upon the already existing Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

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