News: New Batch Of GTA V Screenshots Released

gtavscreen12Rockstar has once again done us all a great deed by releasing some new GTA V screenshots to keep our eyes busy until the next blowout.

The new screenshots depict the three playable characters in various settings, be it riding motorcycles, sea diving or just being general no-gooders, they all look fantastic, and hopefully they are representative of the game when it does finally release.

Enough of my babbling, the goodies are below, check em’ out!

gtavscreen1 gtavscreen2 gtavscreen3 gtavscreen4 gtavscreen5 gtavscreen6 gtavscreen7 gtavscreen8 gtavscreen9 gtavscreen10 gtavscreen11 gtavscreen12

Crazy, yeah? So far we’ve had five trailers and around 30-40 screenshots/images of the game, but we’re yet to actually see it in action. Maybe Rockstar could be so kind as to release some gameplay trailers in the next few weeks? Maybe? Probably not… We can always hope though…

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Like the new GTA V images? Damn straight you do, they’re awesome!

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