News: New Destiny Events Announced By Bungie

Suit up, lock and load.

Today the first of the latest new Destiny events start, just in case you’re already bored with the newly added Raid and Crucible playlist!
Combined Arms will focus heavily on Vehicle combat, heavy weapon drops and interceptors are more common during these matches. So expect lots of explosions! This runs from the 19th – 21st
Next up we have The Queens Wrath PVE event. This runs from the 23rd – 6th and add new bounties and challenging mission modes.  There will also be new legendary items to collect and unique “Hubba Bubba” gear.
Lastly there will be a new salvage playlist added sometime between the end of September with October bringing in the Iron Hammer playlist where “champions are born in battle.”
Still enjoying your time in Destiny? Which of the new events has your interest piqued? Shoot off your comment down below.
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via Bungie