News: New Horizon Gameplay Details & Leaked Third Image

According to supposed leaks, Guerrilla Games’ new IP for the PS4 is code named Horizon, as we reported yesterday. However, some new details have crept online as well as a new piece of artwork.

According to a poster over on Reddit, the new game from Guerrilla puts players in the loincloths of hunter/gatherer humans who are in a war against machines that have evolved into mechanical dinosaur. Sounds absolutely bonkers, but if the commenter on Reddit is genuine, it sounds like something we’d very much like to get our mitts on.

“Let’s see based on what I can remember. The game is set in a post apocalyptic future where robots have evolved into animals/dinosaurs and humans have devolved into pre-civilization tribes of Hunters/Gatherers who are surviving off the land making weapons and armor out of robot parts.

You play as one of your tribe’s hunters who’s this girl that is fascinated with exploring the ruins of our old civilization.

They showed us some early concept gameplay, it seemed like one of the more unique aspect of the gameplay was that your character uses rope arrows to tangle up those giant dinobots like AT-ATs in Empire Strikes Back

They make it seem like there would be either class based co-op or your character would have some sort of NPCs fighting along side her. It seems like an open world third person action RPG and they claim the map will be extra huge.

That’s all I can really remember off the top of my head, everyone in the focus group was really interested and excited about this whole rope tangling mechanic so I wouldn’t be surprised if they flesh that out some more.”

So going off of yesterdays leaks and this new information, it’s looking like Horizon may be Guerrilla’s next game for the PS4. It is still a rumour though, until Guerrilla announce anything or acknowledge our emails (seven so far with no reply…) then we’re keeping this one in the rumour pile.

Oh, and here’s the third image of a robot dinosaur with a plate for a head. Enjoy.


What do you reckon? Is Horizon real? Or is this the work of a talented forger? Let us know what you think down in the comments section below.

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