News: New Killzone: Mercenary Screens Look Fantastic

killzonemercenaryscreen3There’s a new batch of screen’s for the upcoming PS Vita shooter, Killzone: Mercenary.

The new screenshots of the game in action look fantastic (as the headline suggests…) and it’s shaping up to be one of the most anticipated PS Vita games ever.

Killzone: Mercenary isn’t due out until September, but it hasn’t started the hype-train from taking passengers and we’ve got ourselves some first class tickets aboard the metaphorical train. So there’s no ticket really, we’re just so bloody excited!

Check out the screens below and try not to pass out from excitement. Get a friend to hold you up if needed.

killzonemercenaryscreen killzonemercenaryscreen2 killzonemercenaryscreen3 killzonemercenaryscreen4

Killzone: Mercenary is a PS Vita exclusive and is being developed by Guerrilla Cambridge specifically for the Sony handheld. It’s running on the same engine that powered the brilliant Killzone 3 on the PlayStation 3, so we’re expecting big things from the portable spin-off.

Killzone: Mercenary is set to release on September 10th in North America whilst us lucky folks in the UK and Europe will be able to get our hands on it from September 4th. I’ve never wanted a summer to go by faster…

If you’re bored and need a refresher, check out the gameplay footage below, it’s simply marvellous.

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