News: New The Order: 1866 Video Shows Off Some Sweet Weapons & Combat

Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica’s upcoming alternative-history shooter The Order: 1866 has a new behind the scenes video from the developers.

The clip, which you can watch down below, shows off some of the impressive combat and “tools of the trade” that players will have to get accustomed to throughout the game.

It’s actually quite an interesting watch, especially if you’re interested in the actual design process of video games. Grab a coffee and get settled with the video below.

It sure looks the part, but how does it play? We’ve heard that some people who have managed to play short previews have walked away unimpressed, but we can’t really judge it until we’ve played the final product, which incidentally is set to be February 20th 2015, exclusively for the PS4. You can pre-order your copy with Amazon UK and guarantee your copy arrives on release day.

Impressed by the clip? Has The Order: 1866 got you hankering for some old-timey adventures? Hop down to the comments section below and let us know.

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via PlayStation Blog Europe