News: New Pokemon To Be Revealed Next Weekend For Pokemon X and Y

hero2_large_verge_medium_landscapePokemon Smash, the Japanese Pokemon TV show, recently teased a blacked out image of 3 newly designed Pokemon on its recent episode, Pokemon that will feature in the upcoming Pokemon X and Y.

The new Pokemon will be revealed on the next show and may include more than just a picture reveal. The sheer fact that Pokemon’s director Junichi Masuda was included in this weekends instalment is a pretty big feature.

Check out the teaser down below:

Being a fan of the series since day one this is of course an exciting announcement for me and personally, I hope that at least one of the 3 upcoming reveals will be an evolution of an already existing Pokemon. Don’t get me wrong, seeing a whole new range of monsters is great and once again refreshes the series but there’s something a little bit nostalgic about other generation monsters being brought to mass attention.

At this moment in time 4 new Pokemon have been revealed, Sylveon being the latest. Hopefully next weekends show will reveal more about this Pokemon too, such as its type and method of evolution.

pokemon x & y sylveon

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