News: These New PS3 Godzilla Screens Will Baffle You

You may not have known that there was a Godzilla game coming out this year, but there is. Produced by Namco Bandai exclusively for the PS3, Godzilla looks to be one of the strangest games of the year.

The new screens that have recently been released shows titular character Godzilla going up against some of the strangest enemies you could imagine, including a giant moth, a three-headed dragon and a massive tin-man-clown-robot-thing. Yeah, strange.

Check out the screens below:

godzillaps3 godzillaps32 godzillaps33 godzillaps34

Strange? Definitely, but what do you expect, it’s coming from Japan the home of all things strange and wonderful. It may look like a disaster of a game waiting to happen, but maybe it’ll be OK? Or maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Godzilla will be launching on the PS3 in Japan on December 18th, there’s no news on a Western release just yet, but maybe that’s for the best.

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  1. Hey Man.. I am pretty sure that all of those characters are from the Godzilla Movies.. They are all enemies of Godzilla.. One is Mothra, (Giant Moth).. the Hydra… and Jet Jaguar

  2. Chris Harding just type in "Enemies of Godzilla" in google and check it out… Their is a crap ton of them.. and they are all insane looking..

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