News: No Cross-Platform Play For Xbox One & Xbox 360

microsoft-xbox-one-4842_610x407If you had dreams of cross-platform play between the Xbox 360 and it’s younger sibling, the Xbox One, then you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Speaking to Videogamer, Xbox UK marketing manager Harvey Eagle confirmed that the two consoles will never interact with one another, but will both exist in their own eco-systems.

“Because of the different architecture of the systems it’s not possible. Your Xbox Live account on 360 will carry over to Xbox One. That same account will work on both platforms. The multiplayer won’t.”

It makes sense really. The Xbox One has a completely different set of mechanical guts compared to the Xbox 360, though your Xbox Live profile will be carried over to the Xbox One if you decide to carry on with Microsoft into the next-generation. Those who do intend to purchase the Xbox One will be happy to hear this, it means you get to keep all those achievement you’ve worked so hard for!

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Source: Videogamer