News: Official GTA V Trailer Rolls Online

gtavscreen8September 17th isn’t that far away now folks, stay strong! Rockstar knows we’re all gagging for more when it comes to GTA V, so they’ve done us a big one and released another trailer for the upcoming crime-fest.

The new trailer is being billed as the “official” trailer for the open world, crime ridden adventure, so take your peepers and direct them downwards and fill your eyeballs with more GTA V goodness.

OK. We’re ready for GTA V, we’ve been ready for months, this trailer just makes us want to sleep for the next couple of weeks so that when we wake it it’s GTA V Day. Unfortunately we can’t do that, and we strongly advise against you doing so.

GTA V is due to take the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by storm on September 17th, so make sure you book that day off work and get some hours in!

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Have you booked a day off work/planned to get the flu to escape school in order to spend the day with GTA V and the three new antagonists? Let us know down in the comments below.


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