News: It’s Official – Microsoft Owns Minecraft

It seems the rumours surrounding Microsoft and their supposed acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang are true – it’s just been officially announced.

Mojang has confirmed this over on their official website, stating that the deal for $2.5 billion dollars has gone ahead and that Microsoft is now the owner of the Minecraft franchise.

Citing their working relationship as a reason for the sale, there are still some details that need going over before everything is 100% finalised, but for the moment it’s looking pretty airtight.

So what next for Minecraft and its developers? According to Mojang the team will stay largely the same, with the exception of Notch leaving the company (probably heading for Barbados or maybe Llandudno?!) and all Minecraft editions will continue to be developed, sold and supported.

Well. I certainly didn’t see this one coming as I was certain it was just another ridiculous rumour…

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