News: This Open-World Indie GTA Needs Your Help

Everbody needs a little help from time to time, even the magical beings that make the video games we enjoy so much.

There’s currently a game on IndieGoGo that needs some financial backing, AQP City. There’s a trailer down below for you to have a gander at, but before you run off to the comments and start slamming the animations (which are dodgy to say the least,) remember, this is a one man effort. Seriously, one man has made this game, apparently on a rubbish PC too.

“Set in a fictional city, our hero Steve is a secret agent of the FVI and a military veteran who lost his memory in a failed attempt to disarm the Mafia. Here begins an adventure where friends are villains and villains are allies in this living city.”

It certainly looks interesting, especially as it’s powered by the Unreal 4 Engine. Could this be a decent game? Probably not a multi-billion affair like GTA V, but I can definitely see this getting a following, especially if it releases on the PS Vita which is lacking any decent open-world games like GTA.

Will you be backing this project? Or do you pledge your money to potato salad? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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