News: PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 4.41 Out Now, Not Really Worth Reporting

PS3_slimmerIt’s a slow news day today, and when the news is drying up, we have to root around in the sewers like rats and scrape out whatever is in the least bit relevant.

So today, it’s the oh-so-exciting announcement that the PlayStation 3 is receiving a new firmware update v4.41 and is available to download as I sit here bored out of my skull typing this “exciting” news.

The new update v4.41 brings stability and not much else, something you could have found out just by downloading the update, rather than wasting your time and coming here to read about it. 

I just wish somebody would drive past and throw a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 at my head, at least I could report on how big the bruises are…

Anyway, go and download the update and prepare to be absolutely unfazed by what it does. 

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Did you download the update? Did it make you feel good? How many people have you told? Tell us down in the comments. 

Source: PlayStation Twitter

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