News: PlayStation All-Stars Patch 1.11 Now Live

psallstarsThe latest patch for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has now gone live, bringing the game to version 1.11.

Available to download on both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, the latest PlayStation All-Stars patch brings a fix for the download content as stated in the patch notes the update “fixed an error with DLC costume availability.” As well as providing a fix for the download content the update resolves a few online bugs and glitches, other than that, not much else.

For PS Vita owners there’s some good news, the latest update won’t be taking up that much space on your precious memory card as patch 1.11 is just under 1MB, so you can rest assured that your memory card will still have sufficient room, unless you’ve already filled it with content which isn’t hard to do with all the recent freebies and discounts being enjoyed by PS Plus members.

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Have you downloaded the latest update for PlayStation All-Stars? Have you noticed any improvement with online play? Or are there other bugs that you think need squashing? Let us know down in the comments below.

  1. My file somehow got corrupted! I have to re-download the game… hopefully, my backup on my computer is okay. On another note: My memory card is filled to bursting! I have a 32 gig card and I finally decided to plunk down the cash and get a PS Plus 1 Year Membership. I wish Sony would release bigger sized cards at more reasonable prices. I mean, I know, first world problems: ‘Oh woe is me! I can’t save all of the digital content I’ve purchased on my $300 video game system that serves no other purpose but to entertain me!’, but it’d sure be nice. Not that I’m complaining that I am blessed enough to live in a country where what I make allows me to pay my bills, support my family AND have some free moolah left over for frivolous things. I have no entitlement issues. Usually.

    1. Argh, bad luck mate! It may not be the end of the world, but it’s definitely a bummer when you lose your save-game. I know, I was about 7 hours into BioShock Infinite and my entire save game was lost, everything.

      1. I had maxed out my levels with Ratchet. Sadness. The file… she is gone… must have somehow corrupted whilst transferring it onto my computer for back up purposes. So many hours! Lost! BOO-HOO! Oh well. I can look forward to replaying it… And 7 hours in? That’s rough.

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