News: Proteus Possibly Get Ported To Home Consoles & Handhelds

proteus-port-coming-to-consoles-soonIndie hit Proteus may be making its way to a new home in the shape of home consoles and handhelds.

In a recent interview with VelocityGamer, Proteus‘s Ed Key gave some insight into the future of the title, hinting that it may be coming to a home console near you, and maybe even making a stand in the handheld market.

“Definitely no sequel, and very unlikely to be paid DLC, but we’re looking into a few ports and there’ll be a free update with some new content and modes later this year.”

Ed Key goes on to explain that Proteus wouldn’t need the power provided by the PlayStation 4, but it’d be right at home with the current set of consoles sitting in the living rooms/bedrooms of millions.

“Well, I think it would fit well on a living room gaming situation in general, but obviously it doesn’t really need the power of a PS4. We’re looking into a couple of console ports at the moment, but I can’t say anything yet.”

It may not need the power of the PlayStation 4, but the PlayStation 4 will need titles and with the focus pushed on hard-hitting indie games with the PlayStation 4, it can’t be ruled out.

There’s also the possibility of Proteus making a home for itself on the PS Vita which has become a sanctuary for indie games lately with a whole load of smaller titles being made available in recent weeks, with even more to come in the next few months.

Lastly, smartphones and tablets are an obvious choice for any developer looking to get their creations into the hands of millions, so there’s every chance Proteus will see a release on Android and iOS devices in the future.

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Would you be interested in seeing Proteus on the home consoles? Or would you prefer it on the go with your PS Vita or smartphone? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Source: VelocityGamer

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