News: PS4 Seemingly Confirmed For EU Launch This Year

playstation-4-dualshock-4An advertisement spread in UK newspaper, Metro, seemingly confirms that the PS4 will be released in Europe this year.

In response to Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal, Sony has pushed the PS4 harder and harder, as evidenced by the full-page spread in the Metro newspaper.

That’s not the most interesting part though, the advert is pretty standard and is what you would expect, though instead of an image of the console, they’ve used a picture of the DualShock 4 controller.


What is interesting is the date underneath the advertisement itself. It read “Coming 2013.” It was one thing to announce the console would be “Coming Holiday 2013” at the PlayStation 4 reveal, but to put it in a UK newspaper must mean the platform holder has definite plans for the release of the PS4.

Also worth noting is the fact its written for a UK audience. “Holiday 2013” isn’t something Sony would push on it’s UK fan base, as here in the UK we don’t call the Christmas period “Holiday,” we just call it the Christmas season.

One last note, be sure to keep an eye out during the Champions League final tomorrow, it’s been heavily rumoured that Sony is planning to advertise its latest console at some point, most likely during the half-time interval. It’s not definite, but as Sony is the official sponsor of the competition, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them use it wisely to advertise the PS4 to millions of their audience; males.

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What do you make of this? Think it’s possible that we’ll see the PS4 in Europe before Christmas? Let us know down in the comments section below.