News: PSN Services Fully Restored, Almost

The PlayStation Network has been down for the last couple of days thanks to the work of the sweaty arses from the hacking group Lizard Squad, but it looks like all is well again in the land of PlayStation.

According to multiple sources the PSN services are back up across all platforms, so whether you’re gaming on your PS4, PS3, PS Vita or PSP you should be able to connect to the PSN to play online, download games and movies and just about anything else that you would normally do with Sony’s online service.

That said, some people are still reporting problems with the PSN though this could be just that it’s taking a little longer for the fixes to make their way across the pond. Users in North America are reporting great success with the PSN whilst some players in the UK are having difficulty.


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It’s been a terrible few days for both Sony and Microsoft after both of their services went dark on Christmas day, as previously promised by the scumbag hacking group Lizard Squad.

Earlier today Microsoft managed to get their services up and running again for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 albeit with limited services, but nothing that would stop you from getting online to play with your buddies.

So if you’re still having problems signing into PSN, just be patient and wait it out and you should be able to get on within the next few hours.

Still having problems? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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