News: PSNow Could Get PS1, PS2 & PS4 Games In The Future

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Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now could get PS4, PS2, and PS1 games in addition to the PS3 games it’s currently offering, according to a recent interview by GameInformer with Sony’s Eric Lempel.

In our plans going forward we’re looking at everything in our catalogue so there’s the real possibility that you’ll see PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 4 titles available,” VP of Sony Network Entertainment Eric Lempel told stated in an interview. “Right now it’s just PlayStation 3, but these are all options we wish to open in the future once we’re happy with the results from PSnow.”

In addition, Lempel said that Sony is looking to make changes to PlayStation Now’s pricing model based on user feedback. As many people have pointed out before, with rental prices as high as $49.99, and no way to access digital games you’ve purchased previously on PSN, there isn’t great value for your money. Lempel didn’t specify future prices, but PlayStation Now did recently introduce game rentals for as low as $1.99. Which is a massive difference from their previous price plans, which would have you pay $4.99 for a seven day rental.

When asked just how well PSnow is performing. Mr Lempel said that it’s performing “extremely well” with “overwhelmingly positive” feedback from users, 80 percent of which said they’re having a good experience with the games on the service.

PlayStation Now has been in beta since July and has had it’s fair share of controversy since it’s launch. Due to the pricing that would see you pay up-to $40 for a sixty day long rental period.

Will you be using PSnow? What do you think about it? Let us know.

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