News: Real Boxing Brusing Up Your Vita This Year

real-boxing-psvitaAnother day, another PS Vita game announcement. It’s never been this good for the handheld!

Granted, this one is a little bit more low-key, but it’s a game all the same. iOS boxing brawler, Real Boxing, will be ported away from Apple devices and onto the PS Vita this August, as confirmed by the games developer Vivid Games.

It’s not going to be dumbed down in any way, so if you’ve already experienced Real Boxing on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you’ll be in for the same experience on your PS Vita as it’s set to contain a career mode, customisation, training and multiplayer features, both online and local.

Real Boxing won’t be at retail, but will instead be a downloadable PSN title. You may be paying a little more for the PS Vita version, but hey, you get to use some real buttons and that’s got to be worth it.

It’s good to see more games are being made for the PS Vita, even if they are ports of existing smartphone games. This could lead the way for more smartphone games being ported to the PS Vita, I know many are eager to see Gameloft’s rip-of-, um, inspired titles on the Vita.

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Real Boxing getting you pumped up? Gonna’ dish out the beatings between meetings? Oh look that rhymed! Why don’t you try it down below.

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