News: Respawn Entertainment Showing Off At E3

respawn-entertainmentFor those of you who aren’t aware, Respawn Entertainment is the development company set up by Vince Zampella and Jason West, who were formerly responsible for bringing the Call of Duty franchise to the masses, until they were sacked by Activision and went through the courts in a battle of unpaid fees and more.

After leaving Infinity Ward and Activision behind them, the two set up Respawn Entertainment and signed a publishing agreement with Electronic Arts (EA.)

Since then, we’ve been given next to no information on what their next-gen project is, other than a blurry image here and a vague comment there, we’ve all been left in the dark.

It looks like that may all be about to change this summer (imagine that being said by the guy who does the movie trailer voices,) as Respawn Entertainment are set to rock up to E3 and show off their latest project, which will most likely be, a first-person shooter.

Speaking on Twitter, Vince Zampella announced that Respawn Entertainment would be in attendance this year and seemed more than happy to let us all know it.

So maybe we’ll see some fresh ideas that bring the first-person shooter genre along, as it’s become somewhat stale in recent years, but back in the hands of the people who breathed new life into shooters, this should be one to keep an eye out for.

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Are you looking forward to what Respawn has to show this year? What else do you think E3 has in store for us all? Let us know down below.

Source: Twitter


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