News: Retro City Rampage Brings Mayhem To WiiWare Next Week

Retro_City_RampageIf you’ve been holding out for Retro City Rampage to grace your Nintendo Wii or Wii U, then the wait is almost over.

The fantastic Retro City Rampage will be releasing for WiiWare on February 28th (Thursday) and will be delivered with some bonus goodies to make up for the long wait that Nintendo fans have had to endure.

In addition to the full game, you’ll also be treated to “ROM City Rampage,” which will let you play the game as if it was released back in the 80’s on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES,) so you’ll be playing the game “as a 100% NES hardware-accurate ROM.”

Coming in at $10 it’s a steal for the amount of fun you’ll have. Retro City Rampage basically plays as a stylised version of the old-school top down Grand Theft Auto games, albeit rendered as if it was a classic 80’s or early 90’s title, chock full of humourous references to other well-known games and general pop culture. It’s good fun and definitely one to add to your collection.

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