News: Rockstar Leeds Creating “Next-Gen Worlds” for “Exciting Upcoming Projects”

We’ve wondered for a while what Rockstar Leeds may be up to and now we seem to have confirmation that they are indeed working on at least one next-gen title with the possibility of there being more.

The English development studio is perhaps best known for their work on the PSP/PS2 GTA spin off titles, as well as giving a helping hand to the likes of L.A Noire and Max Payne 3.

Most recently the firm gave additional support to GTA V which is set to release on November 18th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Now it seems that Rockstar Leeds is looking to take on a few new members of staff for their new projects which will be set in “next-generation worlds.” Rockstar Leeds are looking for developers who can create the buzzing worlds that we’ve come to expect from the highly regarded game developer, with the job posting stating:

It’s certainly exciting to try and guess what may be coming from the studio. Will it be a solo effort from Rockstar Leeds or will it be a collaboration with another Rockstar studio? The latter seems the most likely. Maybe a sequel to Bully? It’s been requested by fans for years and Rockstar are known for taking their time with sequels. Then again, it’s highly possible that it could be a sequel to the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption which has previously been rumoured.

At this point we can’t accurately guess what they’re doing, all we know is that they are involved in some upcoming projects that feature open-worlds and they’re set to release on next-gen consoles.

In the mean time, Rockstar Leeds’ latest game in which they participated – GTA V – is re-releasing on the PS4, Xbox One and PC very soon. You can pre-order your copy from Amazon UK here and receive $1,000,000 in-game currency with the chance to get £10 off your purchase. Sweet!

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