News: Sega Admits Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Trailers Decieved Customers

aliens colonial marinesSince the launch of Aliens: Colonial Marines, thousands of players have complained of the deceiving trailers and the fact they don’t represent the actual quality of the game itself.

One player decided to file a complaint with Advertising Standards Authority, and then post the results on Reddit.

Redditor “Subpardave” filed a complaint with the ASA in relation to the misleading trailers, and better yet, the ASA took action and got into contact with Aliens: Colonial Marines publisher Sega.

Sega responded to the ASA and the ASA in turn sent a letter back to “Subpardave” stating:

“SEGA Europe acknowledged your objection that the trailers did not accurately reflect the final content of the game. They agreed to add a disclaimer, both on their website and in all relevant YouTube videos, which explains that the trailers depict footage of the demo versions of the game.”

You can read the full response here.

Personally I applaud the individual who filed the complaint, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a disgrace and the way it was advertised was more than misleading. For too long publishers have been able to get away with too much, but if more people take a stand against shady business practices hopefully fewer people will be deceived and tricked into buying shoddy products.

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Source: Reddit

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