News: Sony Bend’s New Game Is For PS4 Not Vita, Will Blow Players Away

Sony bend have confirmed that they are not working on a PS Vita title, but are actually working on a PS4 game.

A recent sponsored post over on Gamasutra reveals that Sony bend have entered full production with their latest project which will utilise Unreal Engine 4.

The studio is currently on the lookout for some senior staff members to help fill the ranks within Sony Bend who are developing their next title for the PS4, not the PS Vita as was previously rumoured.

“I think the thing I’m most excited about is the fact we’re doing a PS4 game, and it’s next gen, and to me that means we face the challenges of reaching a quality bar that’s going to make for an awesome experience for the player,” he says. “Being able to do that, as a small studio in central Oregon, but as a fully-owned studio with PlayStation’s full support, means we can reach a quality bar that’s really really high. We’re looking for badass coders to help us push the PS4 somewhere it’s never been before.”

The developers also state that “We know that when people see this they’re going to be blown away.” Exciting!

The studio aren’t being pushed to rush out their new game either and are being afforded the time needed to create what will surely be a hit with PS4 gamers when it eventually releases.

Could this be a new Syphon Filter? Or a brand new IP from the small team? What do you think? Let us know down below.


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