News: Sony Boss Hints At PS Vita Sales Quadrupling Since Price Cut

PS-Vita1The PS Vita has had new life breathed into it with the recent price cut in Japan, with SCEA Japan President Hiroshi Kawana hinting that the sales figures have quadrupled since the price cut on January 28th in Japan.

The last sales reports stated that the PS Vita was shifting around 11,000 units a week, so going on what Hiroshi Kawana’s comments, we should see reports of around 40,000 or more later this week, when the official sales figures are released.

This is no doubt welcome news to Sony, the PS Vita has had a tough time since it’s arrival, hindered no doubt by the lack of support from major third party publishers/developers. Hopefully the increased sales will translate to more support and in turn, more top games.

It’s not that the PS Vita doesn’t have good games, there’s a ton of great titles available for the handheld, ranging from multiplatform releases such as FIFA 13 as well as top notch first and third party exclusives such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. There’s even more to come this year, with the release of Killzone: Mercenary this September, Tearaway and maybe even some more reveals this summer at E3.

It’s truly a good time to be getting involved with the PS Vita, there’s a plethora of games available with more to come. One thing should be noted, the PS Vita memory cards are still exceedingly expensive, so bear that in mind if you do take the plunge, you’ll be shelling out more for a large memory card than you will for a game.

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Source: Gematsu

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  1. A price cut? Leading to new sales? Who’d have thought that if you price a product people want attractively, said people will run out and buy it? I never did. Garsh, it’s a good thing I’m not running any companies…

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