News: Steam Service Currently Unavailable (UPDATE)

UPDATE: It seems it was just a temporary issue and the service is back online. Back to your game, folks!

If you’ve tried to boot up Steam today and found that you’re not able to get online to play your multiplayer games, don’t worry, your computer is fine – the Steam network is currently having some issues.

Players across the world are currently experiencing problems logging into Valve’s Steam service at the moment, but you can still access your library of games to play offline until the service comes back online.

In the meantime, enjoy the pleasures of playing offline and not being told to go and eat a male appendage, it’s quite tranquil to play with one’s self. Not in that way.

We’ve reached out to Valve to see if there’s anything major going down and we’ll let you know here.

Having trouble getting onto Steam? Have you found a workaround? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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Source: Disgruntled writer who wanted to play Awesomenauts.


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