News: Stranded Deep: Made By 2 Guys, Looks Like The AAA Survival Game You’ve Always Wanted

Chances are you’ve never heard of Stranded Deep, which is a crying shame as it has the potential to be one hell of a game and it certainly looks the part.

For those who aren’t aware, Stranded Deep comes from the small indie studio Beam Team Games which consists of just two developers named Ben Massey and Sam Edwards which just makes the entire thing that much more impressive.

There have been a few ‘survivor’ games over the last couple of years, all of which owe a lot to the Minecraft trend. Some are simple clones of the aforementioned phenomenon, others are a little more creative; Stranded Deep falls into the latter category.

The developers are promising a procedurally generated world with no two games being the same as well as some dynamic world features. Check out the list below taken from the Beam Team Games website.

  • Infinite procedurally generated terrain and biomes – no two games are the same!
  • Custom built water with realtime buoyancy, subsurface scattering, volumetric fog, god rays, caustics ..and foam!
  • Dynamic day and night system affecting the environment around you,
  • Detailed survival aspects and interaction,
  • Unique item crafting and building,
  • Endless underwater environments and deep sea exploration,
  • In game achievements, unlockables, statistics and rewards,
  • Multi-platform support (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Controller support,
  • Oculus Rift support,
  • More to come!

Personally I’m a big fan of survival titles that just plonk you in the middle of nowhere and let you create your own tale, I suppose that’s part of the allure that made Minecraft such a resounding success and with a strong community, dedicated developers and rock-solid core gameplay mechanics, Stranded Deep could well see a great level of success.

At the moment Stranded Deep is set to release early on in 2015 for the PC via Steam’s Early Access program, though a PS4/Xbox One release may not be off the cards. We’ve sent a cheery email to the Australian developers and we’ll post all updates here.

Have a gander at the first trailer for the upcoming game down below and remember, this was done over the course of two years by two dudes.

Does Stranded Deep have you panting? Or is your interest in survival games waning? Let us know why down in the comments section below.

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