News: Syphon Filter Actor Lists ‘Syphon Filter: Spy Wars’ On CV, Cancelled Game Or Future Release?

There’s been an overwhelming response from the gaming community to the recent rumours that Sony Bend are bringing back Gabe Logan and the Syphon Filter franchise with many hardcore fans still itching to know what happened to the action-hero after the event’s of Logan’s Shadow back in 2007 on the PSP.

Whilst we don’t have any solid news, we do have a little snippet that will be of interest to fans of the franchise that dates back to the PSOne.

The man behind the voice of Gabe Logan, at least in the last few games, has listed a game named ‘Syphon Filter: Spy Wars’ over on his official website alongside the rest of his extensive resume.

syphon filter spy wars

What does it mean? Haven’t a clue, sorry. It’s possible that it’s a cancelled project that he worked on or maybe even the rumoured revival of the franchise.

We’ve reached out to the man of a million voices to see if he can shed any light on the issue and we’ve also sent an email to Sony. It’ll be interesting to see what responses we get, if any.

If we do get some responses then we’ll keep you updated right here on The Games Cabin and over on our Facebook page, which you should like. Go on.

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