News: Telltale’s Next Project Is Minecraft: Story Mode

We’ve had a few odd news stories over the last couple of weeks, but this latest development really does take the figurative biscuit; Telltale Games are making a Minecraft game in their trademark episodic style with the first episode set to release early next year.

Yes, you did read that right. Telltale Games and Mojang are working together to bring players a new Minecraft game titled Minecraft: Story Mode.

Usually Telltale Games’ episodic adventures already have an established universe from which they can draw from, take The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones as prime examples. There are books, TV shows and comics that can inspire the writers and developers to create a story worth telling, but with Minecraft there’s not a lot to draw from.

That doesn’t seem to matter though, Telltale will be creating an “all-new narrative-driven game series” that will introduce new characters as well as exploring some existing inhabitants of the Minecraft world.

Minecraft: Story Mode is due out sometime in 2015 and despite being owned by Microsoft, it will see a release on the PlayStation family of consoles as well as the Xbox consoles with PC, iOS and Android versions set to see a release.

It seems like Telltale Games are churning out more episodic games every year, which isn’t a bad thing, so long as they stay consistently good.

What do you make of this latest announcement? Does Minecraft really need a spin-off in the form of Minecraft: Story Mode? Or is it just a cash-grab attempt by all involved? Let us know down in the comments section below.

via Mojang