News: The Amazing Spider-Man Swings On To Wii U Next Month

the amazing spider-man gotyIf you’ve been longing for some Spider-Man action on your shiny new Wii U, the wait is almost over!

The Amazing Spider-Man will be releasing on the Nintendo Wii U next month and will boast some goodies that will make it a worthwhile purchase.

Instead of buying the game then having to but the DLC to go with it, four of the DLC packs will be included with the game, these include the Stan Lee Adventure Pack, Rhino Challenge, Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack and the Lizard Rampage Pack.

Not only do you get the DLC chucked in for free, but you also get a couple more goodies in the shape of the original Spider-Man suit from the original trilogy starring Toby Maguire and the Vigilante suit featured in The Amazing Spider-Man movie, so you can either play it old school, new school, or poor boy who doesn’t have a costume.

The Wii U version of The Amazing Spider-Man will feature some Wii U exclusive features, including the use of the Wii U’s unique Game Pad, allowing you to access the map, Peter Parker’s phone and more from the Game Pad screen. Cool eh?

If you’ve never played The Amazing Spider-Man before, either on the PC, PS3 or Xbox 360, this is definitely worth your time. It’s probably one of the best super-hero games in recent years, after the Batman games of course.

The Amazing Spider-Man is due to swing on to shelves early next month, March 8th to be precise, so be ready!

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